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PROMO - Craze Records packages

Image of PROMO - Craze Records packages

10.00 - On Sale

Choose between these 5 packages :

- Get all 3 records from the french ska-punk band Oz One at a reduced price !

Think of Mad Caddies and Reel Big Fish. An amazing voice and catchy melodies. Includes guest appearances by members of Madness, The Ruts and Reel Big Fish !

Listen to songs here.

- The first 2 Mute CDs, one of the best melodic punkrock bands of the moment !

Listen to songs here.

- Get both EPs from the french punk-hardcore band Speedball at a reduced price. And you get for free the CD from the singer's first band : Footnailsuckers !

Music which comes from the heart and meant to be listened with the heart : this is what Speedball's music is all about. Some genuine and dynamic modern hardcore with catchy tunes and subtle melodies, the perfect mix between hardcore and melody ! Both CDS have been recorded and mixed by the mighty Christian Carvin.

Listen to songs here.

- Hangin' Out are back with a brand new 8-tracks EP and still deliver their tight melodic hardcore, but with a much better production. Fans of Rise Against should love it. The singer really has one of the best voices in the punk/hardcore scene.
This promo pack comes with their first album released a few years ago.

Listen to some songs here and there.

- The first EP "copy paste & repeat" and the first album "Forbidden War" of the belgian band Sixtoys ! melodic punkrock at their debut, which evolved into a more mature sound with post hardcore and metal elements